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Preserve your Department's Historical Documents and Photos FOREVER!

bullet Is your departments history hidden in storage boxes, tucked away in the closet, day by day deteriorating, wiping away written and photographic history of your proud tradition?


bullet Do you have thousands of photos and countless documents from days gone by just sitting around collecting dust, never to be viewed again?



FireForums Technicians at the Historical Preservation Unit are standing by and ready for the Mutual Aid call for property conservation at your Department. Just call, We respond to you!

Digital Photo Preservation & Enhancement

Digital Document Preservation

Get those boxes of photos out of the attic and over to FireForums and let us Digitally Preserve your cherished memories.


  • Scan at Hi-Resolution
  • Crop and Render to Digitized File
  • Create Print Ready Photo Files
  • Create web-ready image files
  • Create a searchable image database
  • Create a browsable thumbnail database
  • Make available on the web for viewing
  • Archive to CD or DVD

Rest assured, we care a great deal about the history of the fire service as well as your photos.

We handle all the photos and documents in our care with FULL PPE, (photo protective equipment) and go to great lengths to protect your memories.

DIGITAL ENHANCEMENT- Some of those older photos have already seen the ravages of time and handling. Scratches, smudges, and deterioration have ruined your photos.

We Can Help!

  • Remove Scratches
  • Clean up ripped edges

See a sample of our work for Warwick FD

From Original Charters to By-laws and Minutes of meetings, your Department's documented history is disintegrating right before your eyes.


  • Scan at Hi-Resolution
  • Render to Digitized File
  • Create Print Ready (.pdf) Files
  • Create web-ready image files
  • Create a searchable document database
  • Create a browsable document database
  • Make available on the web for viewing & downloading
  • Archive to CD or DVD

Printing & Binding Services- We can recreate your documents in print & bound volumes.

  • High Quality Acid Free Paper
  • From simple duplicate documents
  • Elegant Library type bound Volumes

FORM DIGITATION- We take all your hand fill-able forms and turn them into computer ready forms that are completely database compatible with popular Fire Service management software such as Firehouse-6

Our programming unit will work to make your forms work with your department management software.

Please call for details

When your preservation/enhancement is complete we will return your photos and documents in acid free, protective archive storage containers where they will be safe for years to come.

Please call for SPECIAL pricing

We will keep it affordable for you because we feel this is an important service to the Fire Service. We must keep our proud traditions and history alive!

History on a CD or DVD