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Welcome to our Virtual Fire Station. Make yourself at home and allow us to introduce ourselves and share with you what we offer in terms of online communications tools and service.

The volunteer fire service is an ever evolving trade that has it's roots deeply embedded in the history of our great country.

When Benjamin Franklin first came up with the thought  to protect the people of the new country he could not have had an idea where we would be today.

The first volunteer fire department began in Philadelphia in 1736..........

Fast forward to the year 2006.....

270 years of Volunteer Fire Service in the United States of America, a long proud tradition of selflessness and community service.

We volunteer firefighters, both men & women, young & old are a huge family of diverse backgrounds who share common bonds of protecting the communities in which we live & work.

Our histories are steeped in proud traditions

Our mission at FireForums is to Preserve the Proud traditions , document the current events and help bring together the Brothers and sisters of the Volunteer Fire Departments through the use of web-based communication tools and portray to the public the true images of these brave men and women in a visual multimedia format.
  • Online Multi-Media websites
  • Web-based Discussion Forums
  • Photo & Document Preservation
  • Training/Safety Resource Archives
  • Web-based calendars of Events & Fundraisers
  • Electronic Newsletters & Bulletins pertaining to Volunteer Firefighters & Departments
  • Logo design, flyer creation & marketing
  • Custom Apparatus & Member Photography
  • Government Grant Information

FireForums was founded by 12 year volunteer FireFighter Tony Donato, Safety Officer for the Chester NY Fire Department and his two firefighting sons Anthony jr. and Chris.  All three of us are members of the Sugar Loaf Engine Company.

They work daily on honing the look and administering the workings of sites they have designed for FD's such as Warwick, NY & their home Chester, NY.

We have donated and are currently designing the web presence for the soon to open, Orange County Volunteer Museum, in Montgomery, NY. We hope to, in the near future, design and donate a multi-media, History of Orange County Fire Companies kiosk to the museum.

Tony's background is as a web professional and graphic artist. He has designed many local websites, created ads for magazines and designs and maintains web-based e-commerce and communication tools for business and pleasure. -click here to see some of the websites-

We are proud to share the kind words Chiefs & firefighters have said about our services!

Chief Frank Corkum  Warwick, NY FD Car 1 writes.......

Just wanted to pass on that from myself and the members, we are totally impressed with the site. Far better that we had expected when we first thought about creating a site. We are also excited about how things are progressing. There is always something new to look at.

Our car-2’s old dept. in Long Island spent a ton on their site, and it is no where near as goods as ours.

Kudo’s to you Tony.

Also, we are very comfortable having a firefighter design it rather than a “techie” that doesn’t share our values.

Thanks again, Frank

Past Chief Bob Capone of Chester Fire Department writes:

I am extremely pleased that you introduced our Department to the web. The forums alone are a great communication tool for us and I personally read them many times a week.

So far as the public website, we have had many compliments from people and it seems to be a great PR tool and a way to share updated information with the masses.

Thanks again for getting us up and running and educating us on use these useful tools!


Bob Capone
Past Chief Chester, NY FD